Occupation: The Sharpshooter (Sniper)

In the army and  police sniper occupation is the matter of  prestige. Sniper can not reveal the secrets of his work in public, which often leads to the fact that people have false beliefs about snipers occupations. From the outside world, it looks quite different, from the one that is going through a sniper. If someone wants to become a sniper to show everyone that  he is the best, he is mistaken.  Sniper business  will not make you a hero, whose acts will be seen in public. As well as special forces, snipers have specific and certain  tasks that require perfect secrecy. Sometimes, even the family of these people does not know what they actually do.

A wide range of attributes and skills, that are required for snipers, can improve or learn during training. But there are those  in wich training will not affect too much (or at all). Three characteristics make a sniper: discipline, finesse and precision. These three characteristics must be accompanied by a sniper on his every move, even when he is exhausted, sleepy and hungry.

Often, a sniper  looks at  his target  during the day. Then, when he have a clear shot, but there are no conditions to shoot, in order to be safely “pulled out”, whether he is going to take risks or to wait for a better opportunity, for which he may have to stay for a few hours, or even days in the same place, not eating anything or very little. The real snipers, at any time, must constantly and tirelessly observe the zone where the target is, and be ready to shoot at any time.

Training before anyone become the sniper, requires great commitment and constantly overcoming obstacles. The sniper must be able to overcome difficult obstacles after a short sleep, to change the position and environment, passing through the vegetation, wetlands, masking to be merged with the environment. He must be calm and serene, so he could not  produce sounds, as for example in the summer, the slightest sound can be heard far away from the source. It is not easy for the sniper, and often he swims in his own sweat, which is mixed with sand and dust, and  this is only part of what awaits  a sniper during his career.

But it is, of course, only part of what makes a sniper. In addition to all  physical demands that are expected from the sniper, the last word is reserved for the psyche. During the mission, it is necessary to  empathize with his opponent. A sniper gets  an estimate  of the possible behavior as well as many other things. But it also has its dark sideways. A sniper is aware  that his opponent probably has a family home, waiting to see his wife and kids, just like a sniper. Just a slight finger movement can decide whether his opponent will live or die. All this affects the person completely, and becouse of that not everyone can be a sniper. A sniper must be cool and sharp-witted at the same time, and, on the other hand, compassionate and reasonable.