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Who was Chris Kyle, America’s most lethal sniper?

Chris Kyle hesitated when he was to shoot a person for the first time ever. The person in the case was a woman who was about to attack a group of American marines with a hand grenade. The US Navy SEAL was on top of a building in a town in Iraq, when US invasion of Iraq had only just began, before the removal of Saddam Hussein. The marines couldn’t see the threat the woman was posing.

His commanding officer told him to shoot, but his hesitation was stronger than him. He pulled the trigger only on the second command. He shot his first target and eliminated the threat. The woman dropped the grenade when she was shot. Kyle shot her again when the grenade went off.

A US Navy SEAL and America’s most lethal sniper – Chris Kyle

After four missions in Iraq, Kyle learned how not to hesitate, but to shoot straight. With 266 targets eliminated, out of which 166 officially confirmed by Pentagon, now retired Navy Seal became the most lethal sniper the history of US military had ever seen.

During the Second Battle of Fallujah, when US Marines fought battles in the streets with several thousand rebels, he killed 40 people. With the number of his kills, Kyle breaks the previous record set by Adelbert F. Waldron during the Vietnam war.

His most legendary shot took place in 2008 when he shot a rebel with a rocket launcher from the distance of almost two kilometers. But, despite the great number of successful shots, Kyle is still far behind the world’s deadliest sniper – a title held by Finnish soldier Simo Häyhä, who killed 542 soviet soldiers during The Second World War.

As a young man, Kyle used to go deer hunting with his father, and just before joining the army, he was a professional rodeo rider. However, it was only after joining the Navy that he realized how good of a shot he had. It was his deadly reputation that got him the nickname Al-Shaitan Ramadi – the Devil of Ramadi – during his mission in Ramadi and a bounty of $20,000 was put on his head. However, this same reputation got him a different nickname among his fellow soldiers – The Legend.

After ten years of service, Kyle was retired. He poured his incredible story into a book called ‘American Sniper’. For his service, he received three Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars with Valor. During the Iraqi war, he was wounded twice and he survived six different bomb attacks.

‘’It was my duty to eliminate the target and I never had any regrets about pulling the trigger. My only regret is the people who I couldn’t save, marines, soldiers, friends… I am not naïve and I’m not trying to romanticize war, but I am ready to meet God with a clear conscious’’ Chris Kyle concluded.

In 2009, he decided he won’t be going back, because, as it was reported, he wanted to save his marriage. He started his own military company, Craft International. It provides military and law enforcement sniper training, as well as private security and protection.

Chris Kyle, along with another unidentified victim, was shot with fire weapon near Rough Creek Lodge in northern Texas, with so far no apparent motive. The murder suspect Eddie Ray tried to run but was arrested, the local sheriff’s office confirmed then.