Peloton d’intervention dans la Garde républicaine – PIGN

Peloton d'intervention dans la Garde républicaine - PIGN France
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The intervention platoon of the French Republican Guard (French: Peloton d’intervention dans la Garde républicaine – PIGN) was created in 2007. Their primary mission is to provide assistance to provincial gendarmerie units and to act as the support unit of the GIGN.

As the members of the French Republican Guard, they are also responsible for certain missions of VIP protection where they are deployed as the personal bodyguards to the French VIP guests. The training is similar to the other SWAT units worldwide and to became a member of the PIGN you need to volunteer. After initial assesment, the candidates are sent to the set of basic training where they need to show up their skills, dedication, and will to became a member of the unit.

Once in the unit, the candidate is deployed to one of the platoons where he have to observe senior officers for the next two years before sent to action.

Active:  2007-present
Country:  France
Type:  Law enforcement
Role:  high-risk arrests, VIP protection
Estimated numbers (personnel):  up to 700 (estimated)
Headquarters:  Paris