Uncommon valor on the Streets of Fallujah

Without hesitation, on that time Fallujah was hell on earth. November 9, 2004, in Fallujah, during the second battle, one of the Marines was hit by an enemy sniper. While he was lying down on the street Gunnery Sgt. Ryan P. Shane, the platoon sergeant, dashed out into the line of fire.

Uncommon valor on the Streets of Fallujah 1
In the first, Ryan stands in the wet street, bent over Lonny. His 220-pound frame tugs the drag strap on Lonny’s body armor.

With sparks kicking up around him, Shane ran to the fatally wounded Marine, grabbed his collar, and attempted to pull him to safety. But the enemy was unrelenting, and within seconds, Shane spun to the ground.

Uncommon valor on the Streets of Fallujah 2
In the second, another Marine runs to Ryan’s side, trying to help. Clumsily, the second Marine bends over Lonny while Ryan keeps pulling.

The incoming fire was intense. The radio crackled, “Men down, men down!” People were screaming orders, everyone trying to figure what just happened.

Uncommon valor on the Streets of Fallujah 3
The next frame was taken just as a bullet tears into Ryan’s lower back, scrambling his stomach. He’s on his heels, falling. The other Marine watches in a half sprint, heading for cover.

Within seconds the Marines returned fire toward the enemy’s location. With the support of nearly every Marine and his weapon, a group ran out and rescued the downed Marines. Although severely wounded, Shane would pull through. He was rushed out of the city, treated at a hospital.

Uncommon valor on the Streets of Fallujah 4
The final frame is Ryan and Lonny, both laying face down on the street in the rain.

Lonny is dead, Ryan survived.