Stunning never-before-seen colourised World War II of US soldiers

A grieving US soldier mourns his fallen brothers in France in 1944.

The striking images from the Western Front show the days after the Normandy landings by US troops on into the winter of 1944. The striking images show the days following the D-Day landings in 1944.

The Americans arrival marked the turning point in the war against the evil of Hitler’s Germany as his forces finally started to be driven back.

Just a year after these startling images were taken the Fuhrer would be dead taking his dream of a thousand-year Reich with him to the grave.

These astonishing images from June 1944 show USS LST-388 landing at Normandy, US Army forces fighting on Utah Beach and marching through Po Valley.

Other amazing shots from under a year later show members of America’s E-Company celebrating victory over the Nazis in Hitler’s private residence in the Bavarian mountains as well as France during Liberation Day.