Robbing armored truck is often a very violent and explosive criminal job, but a group of armed robbers in Johannesburg, South Africa has gone a step forward and just pulled off a real life version of the Italian Job which was caught on camera. The heist occurred in April, earlier this year.

After an armored car was held up in rush hour traffic, the robbers planted explosives by the back doors. ABC News reported a police statement released to the press after the attack, “The guards were forced out of the vehicle before the suspects blew their cash van up with explosives. The suspects took an undisclosed amount of money in cash boxes and one of the guard’s firearms. They fled from the scene in two vehicles.

Minor injuries were reported by ER24, an emergency rescue service. One motorist was struck by flying debris and a portion of the car doors struck a passing car. According to eyewitness statements, the robbers were driving a BMW and a Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Eyewitness video of the explosion has quickly gone viral.