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One of Russia’s Most Advanced Tanks Demonstrates Its Power



russian tank - One of Russia's Most Advanced Tanks Demonstrates Its Power

The Russian Defense Ministry has released a slick new 90-second ‘music video’ showing off the maneuver and fire capabilities of the T-90, the most advanced main battle tank in Russia’s arsenal.

The video was published in time for Tankers Day, the official holiday for the Russian army’s tank crews that’s being celebrated Sunday, and shows the T-90’s crew in action as they board the tank, engage in maneuvers, load ammunition and demonstrate the firepower of its main cannon at a firing range.

The T-90 is a third generation MBT which first entered into service with the Russian military in 1993. The tank owes its origins to a Soviet-era program aimed at creating a replacement for the T-64, T-72 and T-80 series of BMTs. The T-72 platform was selected for the new generation of tank due to its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and maneuvering capabilities.

Known for its firepower, the 46.5 ton tank features a 2A46M 125mm smoothbore gun, a 12.7 Kord heavy machine gun, and a 7.62mm general purpose machinegun. Its main gun can fire high-explosive anti-tank warheads distances up to 4 km, and fragmentation projectiles up to 9.6 km.

The T-90-A, an upgrade to the base model, has gone through a baptism by fire in Syria, joining Russian and Syrian forces to wreak havoc on jihadist militants beginning last year.

T-90As entered service with the Russian Armed Forces starting in 2004. The tanks feature a new engine and welded turret design, and are equipped with an ESSA thermal viewer. The tanks are also fitted with third-generation reactive armor, designed specifically to be able to withstand 120mm tank rounds used by the Abrams M1A1 and Leopard 2 MBTs.

The T-90A also features the Shtora (‘Curtain’) infrared anti-tank missile jamming system. Last year, video emerged of a T-90A in Syria surviving a direct hit by a US TOW-2A missile and emerging virtually unscathed.

The T-90M, a modernization of the T-90A, is in the pipeline, and is expected to fit the 400 T-90As in service with the Russian military out with a new main cannon, new fire control system, new active protection system and new reactive armor, among other upgrades.



Why is the TV show “SEAL Team” worth watching?



seal team tv show - Why is the TV show "SEAL Team" worth watching?

Of the three major military dramas broadcasting these days on TV, the SEAL Team is the most sincere.

The TV shows (Wednesdays, 9 ET/PT, ★★½ out of four) works mostly because it’s not reaching beyond its comfort zone. Following a team of U.S. Navy SEALs carrying out covert operations with the aid of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), it’s an uncomplicated action series without twists or unnecessary spectacle, at least so far.

TV veteran David Boreanaz (Bones) plays Jason Hayes, the leader of the Tier One Navy SEALs, and he’s an intense and focused guy not unlike the FBI agent he played for so many years on Fox’s series. Jason’s home life has crumbled due to his dedication to his work, and he’s haunted by the death of a teammate on a recent mission. The cast is rounded out by Jessica Paré (Mad Men) as a CIA analyst and Max Thieriot as a young and ambitious soldier trying to make it into the Tier One unit.

The TV drama plays to the strengths of its network, and its star. The missions are simple and paint the soldiers as patriotic and unimpeachably good. In last week’s second episode, Navy SEAL flirted with bigger questions about war and the state of the world, but all in the service of its core characters. The action is sharp, clean and often close up, prioritizing the soldiers’ points of view.

The lack of sensationalism is what makes Navy SEAL a stronger entry into the military genre this fall than NBC’s The Brave and CW’s Valor. The Brave is flashy, while Valor is twisty and ill-conceived, and neither has a cast as engaging.

U.S. Navy SEAL Team is straightforward, but also enjoyable. Sometimes simple works. Take a look:

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Elite Russian Special Forces in Astonishing Footage



russian special forces - Elite Russian Special Forces in Astonishing Footage

Special Operations Forces of Russia, or SOF (Russian: Силы специальных операций; ССО, tr. Sily spetsial’nykh operatsii; SSO) are strategic-level special forces under the Special Operations Forces Command (Russian: командование сил специальных операций; KCCO, tr. Komandovanie sil spetsial’nalnykh operatsii; KSSO, or KSO) of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Formation of first units for future Special Operations Forces began in 2009 as part of the overall reform of the Russian Armed Forces. Special Operations Forces Command was set up in 2012 and announced in March 2013 by the Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov. According to Gerasimov, the SOF was designed as a strategic-level asset, whose primary missions would be foreign interventions, including sabotage and anti-terrorism operations. SOF do not belong to any branch of the Russian armed forces and are not to be confused with special forces that until 2010 were under the GRU and whose subsequent subordination appears to be unclear. Russia′s SOF are manned exclusively by professional personnel hired on contract, in commissioned officer positions.

The video compilation is showing various parts of Russian Special Operations Forces.

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