United Kingdom Ranked Second Most Powerful Country in the World


A leading think tank has suggested the UK is the most influential power in Europe and second only to the US around the world, based largely on its international diplomatic strength – although significant question marks hover over the true value of “soft” power in the 21st century.

Britain is the most influential power in Europe and second only to the US around the world, a report issued by the Henry Jackson Society think tank has concluded.

The report, which seeks to reject the “doom and gloom” surrounding Brexit, finds the UK remains a “leading” global power, and places it ahead of China, France, Germany, India, Japan and Russia in an “Audit of Geopolitical Capacity” — based on seven measures, including economics, technological prowess, military strength, cultural prestige, diplomatic leverage and demographics.

The US came top globally, and top in every category bar demographics, with the UK second, France third, China fourth, Germany fifth, India sixth, Japan seventh and Russia eighth.

“After Brexit, some are worried the UK is about to begin a period of economic and geopolitical decline — but this audit makes clear the UK is in a remarkably strong position. British military strength, technological prowess and cultural prestige [are] second only to the US. Even in relation to economic or diplomatic capacity, it is consistently in the top five. The lesson of this report is clear — our future is what we choose to make of it,” the report’s author, James Rogers, said.

Based on the UK’s “substantial resources and capabilities” and “means to extend them in many regions of the world,” the country received a geopolitical score of 40.85 out of 100, largely due to Britain’s high level of competence in diplomacy, security and “cultural prestige” such as global brands and appeal to tourists.

The full report written by James Rogers and it is available here.