The legendary Iraqi sniper Abu Tahseen, known for having killed more than 500 terrorists, was killed on September 29th in Hamreen mountains while fighting against ISIS terrorists, Fort Russ reported.

Abu Tahseen joined the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in 2014, after having a long career as a military sniper. He was trained in Belarus and fought in at least 5 wars in Iraq. He was battling to free his homeland from the clutches of the ISIS.

In earlier videos published online, the silver-haired sniper proudly talks about the power of his rifle and how he is always calm when he guns down his enemy. Abu – was a legend in Iraqi military circles. In February 2017, the Sun reported about him and in that article, there were claims about 321 confirmed kill.

He was around 63 at the time of his death, while other details are not available.