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ISIS Militants Flee From Freed Iraqi Town to… Town Being Liberated



Leaving al-Qaim is certainly not the brightest idea as the suggested safe haven – Rawa – is also being liberated from ISIL (also known as Daesh, ISIS).

The Al Arabiya TV channel has published a video of Daesh militants fleeing the Iraqi city of al-Qaim which was recently liberated from the jihadists.

The footage showed six militants rushing to a car and quickly leaving Qaim for Rawa, which is the last Daesh-held city in Iraq, according to the text inside the video.

On November 3, the Iraqi armed forces recaptured al-Qaim from terrorists. It was one of the last cities in the country which was under Daesh control. On Saturday, Iraqi armed forced announced that they had launched an offensive on Rawa.

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