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A Remote Rally School Teaches America’s Special Forces How To Drive



The whole idea of tactical driving is how to stay safe. You’re out in Afghanistan, Iraq, Chad, Yemen, wherever. You encounter a roadblock. You have to get out of the situation as quickly and as safely as possible. Well, what you’re engaging in at that point is basically rally driving. You need to reverse at high speed, minimizing wheel spin as much as you can, throw the car into a slide with precision, and drive away. These are skills that a rally school is equipped to teach.

As Team O’Neil has found out, the skills that you master in rally driving are the same that you have to grasp to learn tactical driving. Rally driving is all about going as fast as possible, in any kind of car, on any kind of road, without breaking the vehicle or hurting yourself.

Anybody can throw a car into reverse and mash the gas, but under pressure, that person is likely going to lose control without training. That means a crash, that means broken equipment, and in the wrong corner of the world, that means to capture or death.

“We’ve been working for 20 years now with different…kind of elements of government personnel,” former two-wheel drive national rally champion Wyatt Knox explains, “that I’ve signed a lot of things and I would disappear if I told you who they were.”

What these people have to go through to maintain their safety out on the world’s more hostile roads is intense. I wouldn’t want to do it for a living. But it’s interesting to be sure that it’s a little rally school that teaches them how to stay safe, and that the skills translate so easily.

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