A Day in the Life of the Russian Marines

A forced foot march of Northern Fleet’s marines. (Photo: Sputnik)

On November 27, Russia celebrates the Naval Infantry’s Day. Events are held in the brigades of the country’s Pacific, Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets, as well as in two battalions of the Caspian flotilla, individual squadrons and subunits. Take a look at the everyday life of these Russian servicemen in black berets down below.

The Day of the Russian Naval Infantry was officially established in December 1995. It is a relatively young holiday, despite the fact that the country’s Marines date back more than three centuries. According to historians, the first “regiment of naval soldiers” was created in the Russian Empire in 1705 by Tsar Peter the Great.

These days, the “black berets,” whose motto is “The victory is where we are!”, serve on the ships of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean, as well as on ships of the Northern and Pacific Fleets performing their tasks in different areas of the World Ocean.

Russian marines jump with parachutes during the tactical exercises at the Klerk training ground in Primorsky Region. (Photo: Sputnik)
Pacific Fleet’s naval infantry practice defense maneuvering. (Photo: Sputnik)
Pacific Fleet’s naval infantry during exercises in Vladivostok. (Photo: Sputnik)
Russian marines of the Pacific Fleet’s naval infantry jump with parachutes from an An-26 aircraft. (Photo: Sputnik)
The Russian Naval Infantry lands at the Klerk training ground in Primorsky Region during assault exercises. (Photo: Sputnik)
Joint exercises of Pacific Fleet’s reconnaissance and landing units and Eastern Military District’s army aviation. (Photo: Sputnik)
A demonstration performance of Baltic Fleet’s marines at the Khmelyovka training range, Kaliningrad Region. (Photo: Sputnik)