Special anti-terror units of the Coalition-backed Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units have uncovered and stormed a hidden ISIS base in Syria’s northern province of Raqqa. The operation reportedly led to the foiling of an Islamic State terror plot against the Mabrukah refugee camp.

On Thursday, official sources linked to the Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units released combat footage of the militia’s special forces unit (abbreviated as YAT) storming an ISIS hideout in the village of Karama in the eastern countryside of Raqqa province.

As the video (below) shows, Kurdish anti-terrorism units stormed the suspected hideouts with highly-mobile light infantry forces.

Kurdish sources claim the raid resulted in the death of 14 ISIS militants as well as the capture of a stockpile of explosives and small arms that were to be used in a planned terror attack on the Mabrukah refugee camp in Hasakah province.

The date on which the operation took place is specified as January 1.