Bin Laden’s son tells Muslims to ‘rise up’ against Middle East leaders allied with US

Hamza bin Laden recently called for Muslims to rise up against Middle East leaders who are too allied with the West, in a unusual video that was published, according to PJ Media.

Hamza, the son of Osama bin Laden, is critical of the Saudi kingdom’s relationship with the U.S., calling Saudi King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman “the greatest traitor” and promising to redistribute the wealth of the country to the poor and needy.

The video is the sixth propaganda film featuring Hamza, and the young al-Qaeda leader proclaimed that “our dear people in the Arabian Peninsula” need to rise up “against the criminal tyrants and rulers of the country.”

Al-Qaeda’s goal is to influence people “to liberate the plot of revelation from the Crusaders, and protect the Two Holy Mosques from the Safavids, and establish a total and rightly guided Islamic system,” Hamza said.

Hamza also claimed in the video that the terror group will “redistribute the riches of the country among the poor and the needy and the deserving, so that the sons of the country can live honorably and in strength in the shade of the Shariah of the Lords of the Worlds.”

He urged that “it is incumbent upon our people in the Arabian Peninsula to prepare the equipment and materials, and prepare to protect the Two Holy Mosques.”

“Oh Muslim merchants, this is a chance for he who wants to obtain the honor of preparing an army to protect the Two Holy Mosques, and oh young Muslims, fade forth lightly and heavily to your Mujahidin brothers in Yemen, the Land of Faith, to prepare the equipment and gain the necessary experience from them,” he said in the video.

Hamza was groomed to be heir obvious to his father’s terrorist organization following the May 2011 raid on the bin Laden compound. Having been involved in various terrorist activity since his childhood, Hamza has apparently taken on a larger role and was officially designated a terrorist by the U.S. in January 2017.

He has appeared more frequently in al-Aqaeda propaganda in an effort to influence a younger generation of terrorists. Hamza published a video and written statement in November and urged retaliation against the specific Navy SEALS who raided his father’s compound, and stressed the need for young Muslims to revolt.

“The price of freedom is expensive, its bill exorbitant,” he said. “Freedom cannot be earned with worthless pieces of paper cast inside a ballot box, nor by participation in polytheistic parliaments which legislate by man-made laws; it’s earned with the ultimate generosity, selfless sacrifice… Jihad and martyrdom.”