US Air Force Technical Sergeant Who Posted Racially-Charged Video Gets Demoted

Geraldine Lovely, once a technical sergeant with the US Air Force, was demoted to the rank of staff sergeant after her racially-charged Facebook video went viral in January 2018, Stars and Stripes reported Thursday.

Lovely’s recent rank became effective on February 13, just a few weeks after she’d posted her video complaining about black female airmen on January 26, 2018. The footage was initially recorded via Facebook Live and later shared by another person in a private Facebook group dubbed the “Nellis Burn Book.” Lovely is stationed at Arizona’s Nellis Air Force Base.

The recording gained further attention after it was reposted once again into a public Facebook page geared toward US Air Force members.

​”[These] f**king issues with my airmen and my NCOs, that are lower ranking than me, but they’re black females. And it pisses me the f**k off that they bear no f**king respect and constantly having an attitude, and what the f**k is up with that?” Lovely says within the first 20 seconds of the video. “Like I’m trying my best to hold my professionalism with them, but valid God, that they don’t bear f**king respect whatsoever.”

“Everytime I talk to them, they’re like ‘No, ma’am,’ [but] it’s just like they’re talking down to me and I’m trying to tread lightly as a higher-ranking NCO not to f**king blow the f**k up and start a fight club,” the upset Lovely dragged on. “But why is it that every time I encounter my subordinates that are black females, they bear a giant f**king attitude?”

Lovely’s nearly two-minute-long rant continued with her saying that she feels she’s looked at as “just some f**king stupid-ass girl that doesn’t even… deserve to be talked to as a person.”

After viewing the footage, Major Christina Sukach, public affairs chief from Nellis’ 99th Air Base Wing, stated that the video is “inappropriate and unacceptable behavior in today’s society and especially for anyone in uniform.”

Though the air base wing did announce in February that Lovely had been disciplined, it had not revealed any details on the corrective action taken at the time. Details were published after the Air Force Personnel Center published her basic personnel file to the publication on Wednesday.

Lovely is still based at Nellis and is serving as a food service accountant, according to the Air Force Times.