General Motors is set to unveil the next-generation Presidential limousine for President Trump, and it may hit the road as soon as this summer, Fox News recently reported.

Exclusive shots of the Cadillac-branded limo own popped up more frequently as the car is being tested on public roads. Currently covered in a black and white camouflage to disguise its details, the behemoth will likely be dressed in classic black with the appropriate Presidential insignias. General Motors says that most of the work has been completed, and the car is just about ready for Trump.

“We’ve completed our task and we’ve handed over the vehicle to the customer,” Cadillac President Johann de Nysschen exclusively told Fox News.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Secret Service said: “The program to build and deploy the next generation of Presidential limousines is on track and on schedule — both in terms of vendor production and internal Secret Service post-production requirements. The public can expect to see the novel vehicles attach to operational employ late summer of this year.”

Details of the Presidential limo are a heavily guarded secret, although it was known that former President Obama’s “Beast” was equipped with 8-inch thick armor-plated doors, bulletproof windows, puncture-resistant tires and countless defense mechanisms.

GM has likely beefed up this novel car’s security and capabilities, even more, to ensure Trump and his highly-trained driver are protected from any possible threat. After Cadillac completes its work, the Secret Service also gets the opportunity to properly outfit the country’s most significant vehicle.

Cadillac has had the government contract to build every Presidential limousine since 1993 and has yet to face any competition for the deal. Other American luxury brands such as Lincoln and Chrysler told Fox News that they did not even send in a bid. And while there may not currently be anyone else vying for the distinction, de Nysschen stressed the importance of his company’s role in chauffeuring the country’s most powerful man.

“It’s always been allotment of our heritage and tradition, we own transported Presidents over time, and we hope to be able to attain so in the future, as well,” he added.

Check out Fox’s sneak peek of the limo: