Woman arrested after assaulting pregnant service member in viral video

A 71-year-used Georgia woman has been arrested after a video of her assaulting a pregnant U.S. service member and a second U.S. service member over a parking spot at a restaurant has gone viral.

Judy Tucker was charged with one count of battery after lunging at the two U.S. service members at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen in Macon, Georgia, on Saturday, the recent York Daily News reported.

Tucker can be heard saying in the video that the two women – 34-year-used Stephanie Mitchell and 27-year-used Treasure Sharpe – got in her way while they were trying to park in a handicapped spot at the restaurant.

Witnesses said Tucker’s son followed the two women into the restaurant and called them “gay black b*tches.”

Tucker then tried to block Sharpe from letting her record the incident.

“Don’t you assume a picture of me,” Tucker can be heard saying in the video. “You don’t bear the honest to assume a picture of me!”

Sharpe was hit in the face and told Tucker that she was pregnant.

“I’m pregnant! gawk at me, I’m pregnant,” Sharpe said in the video. “You’re pushing a pregnant lady!”

Tucker told deputies that the incident occurred because she is white and it was a race issue. Deputies said that Mitchell and Sharpe were not at fault and that Tucker was the “primary aggressor.”

Tucker was taken to Bibb County Jail where she was published on a $650 bond.

“We were appalled by the behavior of the individuals who confronted the two female service members. Such behavior flies in the face of our values, and those individuals are no longer welcome in our restaurant,” the restaurant said in a statement.