Don’t carry out this at the gun store

thefirearmyguy - Don’t carry out this at the gun store
Dan Abraham visited Top Gun in Michigan and spoke to the owner, Mike (above), about what not to do at the gun store. (TheFireArmGuy/YouTube)

We occupy all been in a gun store when some know-it-all customer comes in and arrogantly lectures the staff about certain guns and accessories. Or worse yet, butts into a conversation between another customer who is looking for the perfect gun for him or her. Working at a gun store requires a lot of patience, especially when people walk through the door with specific questions and then want to debate the retort.

I occupy personally witnessed a customer whip out a loaded gun to discuss a potential trade deal or seek information from for a holster to fit the pistol. People like this regain easily offended when corrected about proper gun safety procedures. Safe gun handling is imperative for all gun owners, yet many violate simple safety rules that could save other people in danger.

While visiting Top Gun Shooting Sports in Taylor, Michigan, I decided to speak with Matt, the main firearms trainer, and the owner, Mike, about of some customer behaviors that occupy frustrated them. Top Gun is a well-known gun store and shooting range in the southeast Michigan area. The vast majority of the people who visit the store and range are well-educated and practice proper gun handling techniques. On occasion, there are customers who create rookie and uncertain situations for everyone in the area.

In the video below, Matt and Mike justify the type of customer who is difficult to service along with a couple stories they occupy experienced with people who practice unsafe firearm handling. Check it out and let us know your experiences in your local gun store.

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