Mossad Agents

The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations was founded on 13th December 1949 as Israel knew it mandatory to set up an external intelligence agency since many countries opposed its existence which in turn can cause them harm. Mossad is the Hebrew meaning of “The Institute for intelligence and special operations”. Mossad came to limelight because of the “Operation wrath of God”, an effective revenge story of Mossad for the Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes in Munich, Germany. The revenge level of Mossad was so severe that within a decade, it eliminated all the masterminds responsible for Munich Killings!

Here are some interesting mind-blowing facts about Mossad and its activities:

Reuven Shiloah was the first Director of Mossad since he was deeply involved himself in the political and defense matters before the establishment of Israel. He was also known for having better relations with western intel agencies like CIA and MI6.

In Israel, the Director or the head of Mossad is also known as Ramsad (the abbreviation for Rosh Hamossad)

In Rome, Mossad assassinated a Palestinian named Wael Zwaiter, one of the masterminds by firing 11 bullets into his body. One for each slain athlete. Out of which 7 was into his head! That’s the revenge level of Mossad! The next operation in which Mossad played a crucial role is “Operation Entebbe”. Mossad interviewed all the hostages who were set free by terrorists and analyzed the situation to carry out a strike plan which was eventually successful. The hero of Entebbe operation is Yonatan Netanyahu (who attained martyrdom in the same operation), the brother of current Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mossad played a very crucial role in destabilizing the Nuclear programs of their major enemy countries! The Iraq, Syria, and Iran. It was because of high-level espionage of Israeli secret service, Israel was able to bomb the nuclear base of Saddam in Iraq.

Mossad became very controversial when Meir Dagan took charge as the Director in the year 2002. Dagan’s men were very active in their enemy countries which led them the information regarding Syrian and Iran’s nuclear program. Mossad’s honey-trap on a Syrian scientist in North Korea made them known about the complete story of Korean and Syrian nuclear romance.

Mossad is the main reason behind the decade delay of Iran’s Nuclear program! Mossad assassinated more than 6 of their Nuclear scientists in order to their existence. It is said that if it was not Mossad, Iran would be successful in building a nuclear weapon in the year 2005 itself. But all thanks to Mossad! Iran is nuclear-less to date.

Dagan for his major role in destabilizing enemy countries, and he wasn’t taking media attention and for getting his work done in silence, he is called the “King of Shadows”. When Dagan was the Head of Mossad, all the Iran’s major leaders knew the keyword “Dagan” than the Director of Israeli Mossad

It is also said that the Iranians were scared to pass information within their team fearing for the existence of Dagan’s men within them! That was Dagan for enemies

When Dagan resigned from his post in 2011, Israelis were amazed to see articles from a well known Egyptian journo, who was famous for bitching against Israel and Mossad quoted “Without Dagan”. He was also called “The Superman of Israel” by some magazines.

Mossad is known for their ultimate methods of assassination. They research about the modern poisons and the radioactive substances to kill their enemy. It was said that they have a research unit just for this work. Mossad killed one of Iran’s scientist using a magnetic bomb, allegedly killed Yasir Arafat of PLO by radioactive polonium in his toothbrush. Yes, you read it right! A toothbrush for killing.

They also assasinated Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Mabouh in Dubai with Succinylcholine (dangerous poison) in his water bottle! phew!! unimaginable!

Mossad is said to have a very close relation with British MI6 and American CIA. Once when Dagan was cross questioned by their own Israeli agent for sharing secrets with Western agents, Dagan replied:“ Shut up, go work with them”. Dagan believed in the effectiveness of sharing intelligence rather than solo hunt.

Mossad has a hit team/assassination unit named “The Kidon”. It is said that the Kidon men are so secretive that even some of the Mossad men themselves don’t know who they are.

Mossad in the recent years said to have good relation with Indian Intel RAW. In the recent visit of PM Modi to Israel, out of seven agreements signed b/w India and Israel, intelligence sharing is at the top. Current Mossad head Yosi Cohen and Indian NSA Ajit Doval are said to be in touch always.

Today, Mossad is famous for the assassination of their enemies but it was in 1956, The Mossad Director Isser gave an order to kill a Mossad agent who turned out to be a rogue, working for Soviet as a double agent in Europe. That was the very first time Mossad issued permission for “License to Kill”.

In one of the most spoken operations of Mossad, “The capture of Adolf Eichmann”, the then Mossad Director Isser himself was ready to enter the filed but due to high political permission for any change in plan, he thought his presence in HQ is necessary so he refused to join the mission. The mission was named “Operation Feasible”.