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Syrian Army Pounds Terrorists in Nighttime Latakia Strike



Syrian Army Pounds Terrorists in Nighttime Latakia Strike (VIDEO)

The Syrian army is currently engaged in flushing out the remaining jihadist militants holed up in the country’s western Latakia province.

Syrian forces beget recently repelled a series of attacks by terrorist groups still active in areas near the country’s border with Turkey and along Latakia province’s border with neighboring Idlib.

A military source has told Sputnik that in the past few days the government forces had intensified their artillery bombardment of the militants’ positions, especially after al-Nusra fighters’ recent Grad missile strikes on Latakia.

“One of the missiles fired by the militants landed on the roof of a residential building. Luckily, no one was wound,” the source said.

He added that “the militants retain moving artillery systems around on trucks to avoid being hit by our return fire.”

The source, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, said that nighttime operations by government forces had proved highly effective against the “gun trucks.”

The video shows Syrian army soldiers preparing to strike the positions of the Islamic Movement of Eastern Turkestan near the village of Kabbani in the north of Latakia province near the Turkish border.

There are several terrorist groups active in Latakia province. One is the Islamic Movement of Eastern Turkestan and the other is the Turkistan Islamic Party in Syria.

Military operations are expected to continue until the Syrian army regains full control over the parts of the province still controlled by jihadists.

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At Least 3 NATO Soldiers Injured in Blast in East Afghanistan



Trump Appoints Austin Miller to Command US Forces-Afghanistan

At least three NATO servicemen were injured in an explosion in Afghanistan’s eastern Parwan province, local media reported Wednesday, citing the Resolute Support Mission.

The blast was caused by an improvised explosive device that went off in the Bagram district, injuring the NATO patrol, according to the Pajhwok news agency.

In addition, Parwan police chief Brig. Gen. Mohammad Mehfooz Walizada told Pajhwok that a suicide bomber attacked a NATO convoy near the US military base in Bagram. He added that a NATO tank was destroyed, the attacker was killed, while NATO soldiers remained unharmed.

The Taliban reportedly claimed that the attacker caused casualties among NATO troops.

The NATO’s mission in Afghanistan was launched in 2015. It includes over 13,000 servicemen who are providing training and advice to the Afghan security personnel in their fight against terrorism, particularly against the Taliban radical group.

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‘US Agrees to Discuss Troop Pullout’: Claim Afghan Taliban Officials



'US Agrees to Discuss Troop Pullout': Claim Afghan Taliban Officials

Reports coming after a Friday meeting in Doha, Qatar, between US diplomats and top Afghan Taliban officials suggest that Washington has agreed to discuss bringing its troops home and finish America’s 17-year war in Afghanistan.

During Friday’s preliminary talks, US special envoy to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad discussed with the Taliban conditions to bring about the finish of the US’s 17-year war in Afghanistan, according to two ranking Taliban officials speaking on condition of anonymity, as reported by Al Jazeera.

“Six US delegates arrived in Doha to bear a meeting with our [Taliban] leaders [and] agreed to discuss all issues, including the pullout of foreign troops,” an unnamed Afghan Taliban official stated.

“But it was a preliminary meeting and all issues were discussed in general, not in detail,” the anonymous Taliban official asserted, adding that additional talks are expected in upcoming months, cited by Al Jazeera.

Taliban demands for a peaceful resolution of nearly two decades of clash in Afghanistan at the hands of the US include the total pullout of all American military personnel, including contract mercenaries, as well as the lifting of sanctions against its leaders, freedom for imprisoned Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, and the creation and recognition of its official political party.

Following Friday’s exploratory talks, Khalilzad and other US officials refused to comment on progress between the two belligerents, according to Al Jazeera.

US officials, including Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Alice Wells, previously met with Taliban officials in Qatar in July.

Appointed in September as US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Khalilzad has in recent months met with representatives from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Afghanistan in a bid to forge a path to peace.

The US invaded Afghanistan in 2001 as a reaction to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, with the mission lasting until December 28, 2014. In 2015, NATO initiated a original mission, Resolute Support, aimed at training Afghan security forces. Nevertheless, seemingly endless US operations bear shown limited effectiveness at establishing an enduring peace in Afghanistan.

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