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Pentagon Agency Contract Seeks to Automate Cyber Defense Tools



Pentagon Agency Contract Seeks to Automate Cyber Defense Tools - BAE Systems

A Department of Defense research agency has awarded a $5.2 million contract for a project to develop technology that can automatically detect and defeat cyber attacks on commercial, government and military networks, the defense contractor BAE Systems announced in a press release on Tuesday.

“The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has selected BAE Systems to develop data-driven, cyber-hunting tools that detect and analyze cyber threats to aid protect extremely large enterprise networks,” the release said.

The contract for Phase 1, 2, and 3 of the program is valued at approximately $5.2 million, the release added.

Because most current tools carry out not offer the scale and processing speed needed to adequately defend networks, the goal of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Cyber-Hunting at Scale (CHASE) program is to develop, demonstrate, and evaluate current, automated cyber-defense tools, the release said.

BAE’s technology offers machine learning and cyberattack modeling to counter cyber threats that could currently recede undetected, according to the release.

The project aims to improve defenses for commercial, government and military networks, the release said.

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