German Authorities Arrest Suspected Jordanian Intelligence Agent

German Authorities Arrest Suspected Jordanian Intelligence Agent

Federal prosecutors hold assigned the suspect a pseudonym, Alexander B., as they’re not permitted to state his legal name due to stringent national privacy rules.

German authorities announced on Wednesday the arrest of a 33-year-ancient man on suspicion of spying for a Jordanian intelligence agency, without specifying where the suspect was apprehended.

Alexander B. was arrested on August 7 and prosecutors said in a statement they believe he had worked for Jordanian intelligence back in 2016, collecting intel on a mosque in the city of Hildesheim.

The suspect reportedly shared information on regulars at the mosque who were deemed likely to travel to Syria to join the ranks of hardline Islamic militants, in addition to those who had returned from Syria.

The organization administering the mosque, the German Islam convention (DIK), was outlawed by authorities last March, as it was attracting a large number of extremists and was identified as a potential mechanism for the radicalization of Muslims.

As a result of *ISIS’s rise and the influx of migrants into Europe there’s been a sharp increase in terror activity on European soil, with Europol and individual intelligence agencies working tirelessly to thwart terror plots.

Earlier this year, in April, German counter-terrorism officers thwarted a terrorist attack on a half-marathon event in Berlin, making four arrests. The suspects reportedly planned to stab runners and spectators during the event, and were identified as Islamic extremists.