Meet the Russian Military’s Top 5 Deadliest Guns

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The Russian military and security services field quite a variety of firearms, Western and domestic. But from all of these guns/weapons, which could be considered the best? Here is a few to consider and once again its not word about Russian-made guns, but Russian-used guns:


The AK-74M is ubiquitous in the Russian Armed Forces. In 2018, it is even replacing the shorter AKS-74U as the armament for support crew. The rifle is light, reliable, has low recoil and compact with the standard issue folding plastic buttstock.

The Russian MoD has awarded a contract to Kalashnikov for its RPK-16 light machine gun. Source: Kalashnikov

While by some Western standards it may be considered outdated ergonomically, the AK-74M is one of the best AKs out there, with Russian special operations forces continuing to use the rifle in combat abroad and domestically.

In the Syrian Civil War, AK-74Ms are popular among all sides as a reliable and accurate weapon, with the rifle beating out the Iranian KH2002 during 2008 trials.

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