Meet the Russian Military’s Top 5 Deadliest Guns

spetsnaz training rappeling


The MP5 is ubiquitous around the world in the hands of special police units, and Russia is no exception. MP5s have been used by FSB units, often fitted with red dot sights and rails to accept foregrips and other accessories.

Recently the MP5 may have been replaced by the PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN 9x19mm submachine gun in Russian service, probably due to the lower cost and similar manual of arms to the regular AK rifle. Despite this, the MP5 is definitely a better gun with regards to shoot ability.

Heckler and Koch MP5 Submachine gun used worldwide as primary weapon for various SWAT and Special Operations teams

The roller-delayed mechanism in the MP5 reduces recoil more than a straight blowback system, making it easier to stay on target. For this reason, the older MP5 continues to outsell the newer H&K UMP9, a straight blowback gun.

A friendly shooting competition between units of the Belorussian KGB “Alpha” unit, using the H&K MP5 and the Russian FSB “Alpha” unit using the PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN demonstrates this readily.

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