Meet the Russian Military’s Top 5 Deadliest Guns

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Finnish firearms have a well-deserved reputation for accuracy and durability. Due to the Finnish military’s emphasis on accuracy, the Finnish arms industry has always produced accurate guns. As such, their rifles are very popular around the world.

One line of Finnish rifles that’s achieved considerable success is the Sako TRG line, which are a favorite among a multitude of special units.

Even regular contract Russian Army snipers in reconnaissance teams have been spotted with the Sako TRG (Austrian Steyr SSG 08 rifles have also been seen with these teams), although it is more with TsSN FSB antiterror units.

A Russian article from 2013 suggests that Sako TRG rifles are the most popular with Russian elite snipers, beating out the domestic SV-98 and Orsis rifles. The article places emphasis on bolt problems with Orsis rifles, which appear to still be an issue four years later in the Orsis T-5000.

In addition to their superior characteristics, the TRG rifles were also cheaper than domestic equivalents, though this may have changed in 2018 given the wide adoption of the SV-98 by Russian Airborne Forces.

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