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Kalibr Cruise Missile Launch From Russian Nuclear Submarine (VIDEO)



WATCH Kalibr Cruise Missile Launch From Russian Nuclear Submarine

Russian ship- and submarine-launched cruise missiles are capable of striking enemy ships hundreds of kilometers away with incredible precision. Some of the missile’s versions are even capable of penetrating ships’ defenses by reaching supersonic speeds while approaching the target.

The Russian Navy has reported a successful launch of 3M-54 Kalibr (NATO reporting name SS-N-27 Sizzler) cruise missile carried out by the Severodvinsk nuclear-powered submarine currently stationed in the Barents Sea. The launch, which was a portion of military drills, hit a target, situated some 700 kilometers away.

“The battle exercise was performed from the sea’s surface at one of the Barents Sea ranges. The launched missile targeted an objective in the Chizha range in the Arkhangelsk region,” the Navy’s press service reported.

Kalibr is a ship- and submarine anti-ship cruise missile, capable of hitting targets up to several hundred kilometers away (depending on modifications) carrying up to 450-kilogram warheads. Some of its versions can reach supersonic speeds during terminal stages to prevent it from being down by a ship’s anti-missile defenses.


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