Agents Unknown


Mobile Security Deployments (MSD), the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) specialized tactical team is a highly trained mobile unit, perpetually involved in high-level State Dept security events worldwide. If there is a global emergency impacting our diplomats overseas, MSD will be there. Boom. Cody J. Perron is a former DSS agent who wrote the book about his experiences. The book Agents Unknown leads you to the secret world of DSS activities around the globe.

The book Agents Unknown was ‘born’ in September of 2017, shortly after Cody committed to resigning from the DSS. At that time he recalls his mother back in 2008 telling him that he should document all the stories of his travel and experiences. He thought “Why would I? I’ve done nothing special.” Then he realized that DS Agents have one of the coolest jobs in the federal government that no one knows about. They often take for granted just how lucky they are, himself included. 

DS special agents are frequently overshadowed by FBI, Secret Service, CIA and others. But, why? Over 2000 DS special agents serve around the world, often time in extremely difficult and arduous environments, yet, no one knows about us. We are military veterans, lawyers, teachers, accountants, law enforcement officers, and more. We come from all across the United States and the world. 

He wrote this book about his experiences in the DSS. Those experiences, however, pale in comparison to many of his DS agent colleagues. He is happy to share these with you, and he hopes that it will bring some insight to what actually DSS do.

While Hollywood will tell you that every day is an exciting day, with multiple explosions and bullets zipping across our head, reality is most days are quite boring. This book will shed light not only of exciting arrests, rockets shot at us, sticky situations, and attacks on our facility, it also discuss real human issues; leadership and management, accidental deaths, and even PTSD.

The author of the book, Cody J. Perron was born and raised in Ville Platte, Louisiana. In 1998 he left Ville Platte to join the United States Marine Corps. After approximately five years in the Marine Corps, Cody ended his active service and attended George Mason University where he studied Global Affairs focusing in Russia and Central Asia. In 2008 he joined the U.S. Department of State to become a Special Agent with the Diplomatic Security Service; a relatively unknown U.S. Federal Law Enforcement entity operating in over 170 countries worldwide. 

Cody’s assignments as a Special Agent were in Houston, Baghdad, Ho Chi Minh City, Erbil, and San Diego. In Houston he conducted federal investigations and personal protection of high-level government officials, in Baghdad he led a team of armed men protecting U.S. diplomats in Iraq’s “red zone,” in Ho Chi Minh City he led a robust security operations program and in Erbil he led the defense of the U.S. consulate against a terrorist attack and flew to the Syrian border to interview ISIS hostages. 

Cody’s experiences and personal stories are depicted in his book “Agents Unknown – True Stories of a Special Agent in the Diplomatic Security Service”. Cody resigned from the Diplomatic Security Service in October of 2017. He currently resides in San Diego, CA.