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Magpul PMAG D-50 brings the advantage to the firefight



Magpul PMAG D 50 - Magpul PMAG D-50 brings the advantage to the firefight

In the War on Terror, the mandatory for every soldier is to be well-equipped and to have enough ammunition for the firefight. Magpul Industries Corp. has introduced a bright new 7.62mm version of its high-capacity polymer drum magazine capable to hold 50 rounds of 7.62x51mm NATO/308. Winchester caliber.

The Magpul PMAG D-50 is designed to hold 50 rounds for SR25/M110 AR-style rifles. It follows the popular PMAG D-60 drum magazine for 5.56mm rifles. The D-50 features “proven GEN M3 technology, which includes next-generation impact and crush-resistant polymer construction and the ability to seat fully loaded on a closed bolt,” according to Magpul’s website.

The robust stainless-steel internal components are designed to withstand corrosion and long-term storage while loaded with no loss of function, spring fatigue, or reliability concerns. The introduction of the D-50 comes a week before popular SHOT Show 2019 in Las Vegas, Jan. 22-25.

The D-50 magazine weighs about 1.7 pounds empty and 4.5 pounds loaded, making it “one of the lightest 50-round 7.62mm drums available the website states.

And the D-50’s “unique drum configuration gives it roughly the same overall height profile as a standard 25-round 7.62mm PMAG, making storage easy and shooting from various positions — including prone — no different than with smaller capacity magazines,” the website states.

A special, ratcheting loading lever removes spring tension so the D-50 can be easily loaded by hand, the website states. The D-50 features an anti-glare translucent window on the rear of the drum for quick positive visual indication of remaining ammunition.

It can be disassembled quickly with a simple flat blade screwdriver or similar tool, and it comes with a dot-matrix pattern that allows for easy marking and identification, the website states.

The D-50 magazine retails for about $150 and is “coming soon,” according to Magpul’s website. It comes with a slip-on, semi-rigid dust cover to prevent grit and debris intrusion during storage and transport. It will be interesting to test it once it comes out to the market.


Cuba claims US deploying Special Forces as part of ‘covert’ plan



Hawaii Pohakuloa Training Area - Cuba claims US deploying Special Forces as part of ‘covert’ plan

U.S. Marines and other Special Operations troops are thought to have flown in from the US to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean islands, Cuba believes. The US plans to use Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis as a reason for the intervention, Havana believes. Food is said to have been stockpiled in warehouses on Venezuela’s border with Colombia ahead of a humanitarian mission.

A Cuban government spokesman claimed Washington wants to ”forcibly establish a humanitarian corridor under international protection, invoking the obligation to protect civilians”.

US special envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams branded Cuba’s claim “a new lie”. Donald Trump has refused to rule out US military action in Venezuela and insisted “all options are on the tale”. Communist-run Cuba – along with Russia and China – has continued to back under-fire Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro.

Donald Trump has demanded president Maduro resigns and hands power to opposition leader Juan Guaido, the head of Venezuela’s National Assembly. A “Declaration of the Revolutionary Government” from Cuba alleged that recent events in Venezuela amounted to an attempted coup.

A Cuban government spokesman said: ”Between February 6 and 10 military transport aircraft have flown to the Rafael Miranda Airport of Puerto Rico, the San Isidro Air Base, in the Dominican Republic and to other strategically located Caribbean islands, probably without knowledge of the governments of those nations.

“These flights originated in American military installations from which units of Special Operations and Marine Corps operate, which are used for covert actions.”

Cuba claimed US sanctions are causing damage “1,000 times greater” than the aid it is trying to force on the country. The Dominican Republic’s Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas said no US military transport planes had landed in his country. He reiterated his government’s support for a peaceful solution to the Venezuelan crisis.

Venezuela is being rocked by a severe economic crisis with soaring inflation wreaking havoc on the livelihoods of residents. An estimated three million Venezuelans have fled to neighboring countries.

Communist-run Cuba has been a key backer of the Venezuelan government since the Bolivarian Revolution that began under former leader Hugo Chavez in 1998. Most Western and Latin American countries, including the UK, quickly recognized Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate head of state.

They have pledged millions of dollars in humanitarian aid in support. Guaido said on Tuesday the aid would roll across the border on February 23 despite the Maduro government’s objections, setting up a possible flashpoint.

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The Things Soldiers do That Command Hates



Camp Ramadi 2009

For all of you, who served, or plan to serve, here is some things that soldiers actually do and the command officers dislike that. Look, if you’re going to give 18-22 year young man unbridled power via rifles, heavy machine guns, high explosives, and shit and let them loose on a country there are going to be some… possible lines crossed that the senior enlisted and officer corps don’t really enjoy. A few things that rookie soldiers do during their time in that got us disgruntled looks will be listed below. Both in country and CONUS, they believe they had a great time.

Best not read on if you’re sensitive and you snitch on your friends like someone who needs stitches if you catch our drift. If you want to be on the good side with command, you might not want to do some of these things. But your command might be cool and love you if you do these things. It’s really a 50/50 toss up gents.

  1. Refer to a meeting with local tribal elders as “Happy Murder Time.”
  2. Date the Battalion Commander’s daughter.
  3. Use common sense and critical thinking skills to solve problems.
  4. Remind your platoon mates that snitches get stitches.
  5. Exist
  6. Ask your Lt. why we can’t just smoke these detainees.
  7. Pass out drunk in the XO’s front yard…naked…again.
  8. Shit on the side of a house while the owner watches at 0300 while on patrol
  9. Steal the golf cart from hotel security at the Marine Corps ball and give Marines rides to and from the hotel to downtown San Diego
  10. Set a hotel on fire while at a birthday ball and subsequently get the entire battalion banned from Las Vegas.
  11. Get shit ass drunk the night before the battalion run

Some of these are real, some of these are fake. We’ll leave it up to you to figure out which ones are which, and you can leave us a comment of something you did that command hated. The inspiration for the article and some things from the list were “borrowed” from AmericanGrit blog.

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