Chinese fighter jet intercepted foreign aircraft in East China Sea

Chinese fighter pilot issues warning to foreign aircraft in East China Sea air identification zone (Photo: YouTube/Still)

We have seen a lot of interception done by the US or Russian fighter jets in the last few years, but this one comes straight from China Air Force. To see how it looks on the Chinese way, please take a look on the video bottom.

A Chinese jet fighter engaged a foreign aircraft recently after it was spotted inside China’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) over the East China Sea, state media reported. In a video clip shown by China Central Television last month, the pilot of the Chinese plane is heard speaking in English to the crew of the unidentified aircraft.

“This is China air force,” he said. “You have entered the Chinese ADIZ. Report your nationality ID and purpose of the flight.”

The report did not say when the encounter took place or how the foreign plane responded to the message.