A New Rifle Combines AR-15 with Classic Bolt

A New Rifle Combines AR-15 with Classic Bolt 1

Known as the Delta 5, this gun brings together the modularity and versatility of an AR-15, changing the game for shooters who prefer the feel and look of a classic bolt gun. The Delta 5 offers shooters a highly accurate and competition-ready gun without the need for any expensive aftermarket modification and tuning.

Based on the popular Remington Model 700 platform, the Delta 5 is anything but your run of the mill bolt-action rifle. The gun features a threaded cold hammer forged stainless steel barrel that can easily be swapped based on user preference without having to avail of a gunsmith, thanks to factory-set headspace, according to militarytimes.com.

Internally, the Delta 5 makes use of integrated pillars which maintain rigidity through the stock to the mini-chassis, making for a tighter action.

An integral recoil lug, mated to the action, further dampens recoil, making the gun highly consistent and incredibly accurate. The Picatinny scope base boasts a 20 Minute of Angle/5.8 MRAD of elevation right out of the box.

A single-stage Timney Elite Hunter trigger which can be adjusted between a 1.5 and a 4 lb trigger pull, an ambidextrous magazine release, and a swappable bolt head and knob are among the more noticeable features of the rifle.

A total of 11 M-LOK points along the forend, and one more under the stock, which itself is fully adjustable with a variable cheek riser. The Delta 5 feeds from most AICS-type detachable magazines and has plenty of rail space to mount a wide array of optics.

DD design engineers were able to keep the overall weight of the rifle down thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced polymer in the stock and the body of the gun. As such, the Delta 5 clocks in at just around 9 to 9.5 lbs. It will be available in 3 primary calibers: .308 Winchester with the 20-inch factory barrel, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08 Remington, the latter two using a 24-inch factory barrel.

The company produces AR-style rifles and accessories used by law enforcement agencies, special operations units, and civilian shooters alike.