Great Granny Turned Dirty Harry On Armed Bandit

Student detained by campus police for discussing concealed carry permit

When an 85-year-old Tennessee woman with arthritis in her knees awoke from her sleep in the middle of the night to be greeted by an intruder’s gunfire in the hallway of her three-bedroom home — she answered by drawing a cannon of a pistol and squeezing off two explosive rounds.

He’s lucky she missed.

“He fired at me and I fired back at him,” Emma Tucker told Newsweek in an exclusive interview after she faced down the armed bandit with her trusted .357 Magnum pistol she’d clutched in her right hand at around Midnight on March 18. “He would have killed me, Lord is my witness.”

It was clear who was victorious in the volley of shots during the standoff.

“He went ‘pew, pew,’ and she went ‘boom, boom’ sending him running,” Brownsville Police Assistant Chief Kelvin Evans told Newsweek, of the elderly homeowner’s Dirty Harry defense that erupted at around 12:45 a.m..

Quandarrious Jones, who Evans confirmed turned 18 this month, was nabbed by cops blocks away from Tucker’s Dianne Drive in Brownsville, Tennessee, where the population is just more than 9,500 and lies about an hour drive northeast of Memphis. Perhaps still feeling the effects from the duel, he was sobbing about how he’d been shot.

But Jones was actually suffering from gashes from the broken glass he crawled through to escape out of Tucker’s kitchen window and other homes he allegedly hit, police said.

“He had been cut getting out of the broken window,” Evans confirmed.

Jones is facing a raft of charges including attempted first-degree murder and multiple counts of aggravated burglary for going on a burglar binge that had him surrendering to police officers after he tried breaking into multiple homes and at least one car.

He’s being holed up at Haywood County Jail in lieu of $700,000 bond and is due back in court on May 14, a court clerk confirmed. It’s unclear if Jones has retained an attorney.