The Highway Heist: How SWAT operators robbed an armored van

Highway Heist: How SWAT operators robbed an armored van
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A Bosnian court jailed four members of a special Bosnian Serb police unit for robbing a bank van of 617,000 KM ($350,000) using automatic rifles and an anti-tank missile launcher.

The heist occurred in September 2015 when heavily-armed robbers held up the vehicle belonging to the Bosnian branch of Italian bank Unicredit on a highway in near Banja Luka.

The footage shows the security camera installed inside the armored van. On the highway, Audi A6 cut the path of the van and three masked robbers exited the vehicle. As it can be seen on the video, they are moving tactically and that was the first clue for the investigators. They forced security to unlock the van with a hand-held anti-tank rocket launcher. At one moment, one of the robbers starts shooting to the windshield from AK-47 assault rifles. One security guard was wounded.

Few months after the heist, police identified robbers.

The Banja Luka district court sentenced three suspended special police unit members to 11 years in prison each. One of them, Vladan Malic, was found guilty of initiating and organizing the heist, according to the court. The fourth member was jailed for nine years. Another three policemen who were also involved in the robbery admitted the crime and testified against their accomplices.