Battlefield actions of U.S. Army Capt William Swenson

For his actions, he was awarded Medal of Honor

William D. Swenson (born 2 November 1978) is a major in the United States Army who was awarded the Medal of Honor in a ceremony on 15 October 2013. He was the sixth living recipient in the War on Terror. As of March 2019, Swenson and Master Chief Petty Officer Edward Byers are the only Medal of Honor recipients still on active duty.
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Captain William Swenson along with 13 coalition advisers was making their way to the nearby village of Ganjgal. In a barrage of RPG, mortar and machine-gun fire their column was ambushed and quickly flanked by more than 60 well-armed enemy fighters.

Swenson immediately returned fire and called for support. Under the enemy fire from three sides, Swenson runs for cover to provide aid to his wounded sergeant stopping only to throw a grenade and to respond approaching enemy demanding his surrender. Again, exposing himself to the enemy fire he later leads the team into kill zone three times to recover fallen and wounded comrades.

For his actions on September 8, 2009, he was awarded Medal of Honor.