Russian SOF supporting Syrian Army offensive in Hamimah, Syria

According to the report, Russian SOF operators are operating side-by-side with Syrian Army and their special forces

Russian Special Operations Forces (Photo: Pinterest)

The last remaining stronghold of the so-called Islamic State in the Syrian desert is under heavy attack of the Syrian Army, purportedly backed by Russian special forces, AMN reported. The large-scale offensive against militants in the Syrian desert is launched after a series of attacks conducted by the terror group occurred in the last few days.

According to an independent military source, the offensive began by attacking bases and known locations used by ISIS in the Hamimah area located east of Palmyra. The military ground campaign is heavily supported by Syrian as well as the Russian air force, which conducted several airstrikes targeting sites for the terror group.

The offensive comes as retaliation after Islamic State militants carried out deadly attacks against the Syrian Army, killing and injuring several troops in the last few days.