British Special Forces advertise for new recruits

British SAS forces are understood to be on the front line of the final push against ISIS (Photo: GETTY [STOCK])

The United Kingdom command for Special Forces has been forced to advertise for the first time ever in an attempt to attract new recruits for a new communications unit created to support covert operations.

The SAS (Special Air Service) and SBS (Special Boat Service) are reported to be in need of more operators as they face increased challenges at home and across the globe. The full-page advert placed in the Army’s Soldier magazine states that male and female applicants will be ‘selected for their technical know-how, tactical abilities and physical robustness’.

The new SF Communicator role in the British army was established in April and will involve fighting alongside special forces operators, giving counter-cyber and signals assistance in the field. But the problem is that new candidates need to qualify for the team, they must complete a ‘severe’ six-month training course, although no details are given about what this involves.

The reportedly 450-strong team will be based in Hereford next to SAS barracks at Credenhill, according to the Daily Mail. The candidates who successfully finish the course will receive the SFC title and parachute wings and would be sent to combat missions in the Middle East and central parts of Africa.

British Special Forces advertise for new recruits 1
The new Special Forces Communicator role advert (Photo: Army Soldier Magazine)

Others could go to MI5’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre or work with the Met Police’s Terrorism Command. Those operations involving new Special Forces Communicators would be covered by the Official Secrets Act.

More than 150 SAS teams are reportedly deployed to the areas once under control of so-called Islamic State with only one mission, capture or kill major figures, including Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.