Green Beret’s Silver Star to be upgraded to the Medal of Honor for his bravery in Afghanistan

Green Beret Master Sergeant Matthew O. Williams saved 4 wounded soldiers in Afghanistan and received Silver Star for his action. Today, officials announced that President Donald Trump will upgrade his Silver Star to the Medal of Honor for his extraordinary bravery in Afghanistan in 2008.

Green Beret Master Sergeant Matthew O. Williams was serving with Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha 3336 on April 6, 2008, when he showed extraordinary bravery and exposed himself to the enemy fire in order to save the lives of four critically-wounded soldiers and prevent the lead element of his assault force team from being overrun by the enemy, a White House press release says.

The ODA was taking part in Operation Commando Wrath. The main objective of the mission was to capture or kill high-value targets of the Hezeb Islami al Gulbadin in Shok Valley, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan.

“In the face of rocket-propelled grenade, sniper, and machine-gun fire, Sergeant Williams led an Afghan Commando element across a fast-moving, ice-cold, and waist-deep river to fight its way up a terraced mountain to the besieged lead element of the assault force,” the statement says.

“Sergeant Williams then set up a base of fire that the enemy was not able to overcome. When his Team Sergeant was wounded by sniper fire, Sergeant Williams exposed himself to enemy fire to come to his aid and to move him down the sheer mountainside to the casualty collection point.”

“Sergeant Williams then braved small arms fire and climbed back up the cliff to evacuate other injured soldiers and repair the team’s satellite radio. He again exposed himself to enemy fire as he helped move several casualties down the near-vertical mountainside and as he carried and loaded casualties on to evacuation helicopters.”

The ceremony is planned for October 30 at the White House. During the ceremony, President Donald Trump will present Williams with the Medal of Honor.