British SAS ready to launch ‘kill or capture’ raids in Northern Syria

British SAS ready to launch 'kill or capture' raids in Northern Syria 1

The ongoing Turkish military operation in Syria poses great danger for the prisons where are held ISIS militants, including those from the United Kingdom. The whole situation is monitored by British Special Operations Forces including the SAS (Special Air Service).

British SAS is ready to jump in to prevent British militants escape Kurdish prisons in Northern Syria

SAS operators are ready to launch ‘kill or capture’ raids in order to stop British militants, who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, escape from Syrian jails, the Daily Mail reported.

According to those reports, the SAS has already prepared quick response teams if a mass prison break is imminent. On that occasion, armed operators in groups of eight using helicopters and military vehicles will be deployed, the Daily Mail report says.

The strategy comes after a ‘decent number’ of highly dangerous British ISIS militants could be released in the next few weeks, intelligence chiefs warned the British Government. It is correlated with the Turkish ongoing military operations. The crisis and this threat emerged shortly after the decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw American forces leading to fears that conflict involving Turkish, ISIS and the Kurds could destabilize the area.

The intelligence reports suggest that the ISIS militants could flee if Kurdish prison guards abandon their stations in an attack by Turkish armed forces.

‘British militants are banged up in jails in northern Syria’, a source said.

The remains of the Islamic State army is reportedly waiting to escape and either return to the fight or return to their home countries because of the ideology and the fact that terms in the prison are far from good. Yesterday, a video emerged on social networks which allegedly showing a number of prisoners escaping the prison compound, after Turkish mortar fire against Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) trying to move the prisoners.

The British special forces were immediately been placed on standby, the report suggested.