Turkish Warplane hit YPG truck with pinpoint accuracy

Turkish Warplane hit YPG truck with pinpoint accuracy 1

Turkish military campaign in northern Syria continued. The Operation Peace Spring has entered the sixth day. The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) have released a video of drone airstrike at Kurdish ammunition truck near Turkey’s southern border, the National Defense Ministry revealed on Monday.

The National Defense Ministry claim on Twitter that truck was used by YPG/PKK militants who reportedly were replenishing ammunition to target civilian settlements in Turkey before the country’s armed drones stepped into action.


The video shows a small truck (van) standing next to a tunnel allegedly used by Kurdish forces to load ammunition. Only seconds later, the van is no more after it was hit with a missile fired from Turkish drone with pinpoint accuracy.

Turkey on Oct. 9 launched Operation Peace Spring in order to secure Turkey’s borders towards northern Syria. According to Turkey’s president, the goal is to secure the border, aid in the safe return of Syrian refugees, and ensure Syria‚Äôs territorial integrity.

UPDATE: The truck was hit by an F16 after a drone designated it. The Turkish armed drones can’t carry munitions which cause such an explosion. The heaviest bomb the drones carry is the MAM-L at around 30kg.