What you missed in footage of al-Baghdadi raid

What you missed in footage of al-Baghdadi raid 1

The raid in Syria’s Idlib province which resulted in the death of a notorious ISIS leader is still a main topic in the news. The military operation was analyzed a dozen times since the details were revealed to the public. A step forward was done yesterday, when the former Navy SEAL who killed Usama bin Laden, Rob O’Neill, analyzed footage of the military raid in an exclusive interview for Fox News.

Rob O’Neill made comments about the raid overall, but also analyzed the behavior of the assault time shown on the footage. The Pentagon has released short videos about the raid in northern Syria last Saturday.

The first video shows a group of reportedly Delta Force operators moving toward the Baghdadi compound from at least two directions.

“They didn’t land right on the ‘X’,” said Rob O’Neill, describing how the Delta Force operators were likely dropped off by helicopters, “a few hundred meters away” from the target compound.

“I don’t want to give away too many tactics,” said O’Neill of the Baghdadi raid. “But they landed close and went to the wall to make a breach point,” he continued, observing that it appears that “you can see one person moving inside” the compound on the opposite side of the wall from where the U.S. forces were approaching.

“They approach from multiple directions to secure the perimeter and make sure that they can secure any ‘squirters,'” or enemies who may try to escape. That’s another reason that we have the dogs,” he added, “to chase those guys down.”

The al-Baghdadi raid footage ends at this point, said Rob O’Neill, in order to prevent the enemy to learn the methods used by the Delta Force team to breach the wall or otherwise enter the compound. Those things were likely stripped out in the declassification process.

A second video, likely shot from an Apache helicopter, according to Rob O’Neill, shows an aircraft opening fire on a group of individuals outside the compound.

“These are guys are not necessarily ISIS, but they are insurgents and you can see that they fired at our helicopters,” he said. “Then they bunched up like a bunch of idiots and tried to hide behind a wall… An Apache can hit you from a mile away, you can’t even hear it, you can’t hide from an Apache behind a wall.”