Russian Military occupied an abandoned US military base in Syria

Russian Military occupied an abandoned US military base in Syria 1

The abandoned American airfield in Sirrin, Syria has been occupied by Russian military police. The Russian troops were transported to the base with Mi-8 and Mi-35 helicopters. The footage of the personnel landing in the area of the former American airbase was published by Russian TV Channel Zvezda.

The US military left the airfield earlier this week on November 13. After the U.S. troops retreated from the military base, the Russian troops were relocated, alongside the Syrian government troops who regained control of the area. The military police were relocated to the scene to inspect the base and create a security perimeter in order to prepare the military base for further use.

The U.S. military relocated with hundreds of fo trucks used to transport the personnel and equipment. However, it is obvious that they could not take all with them so they blow up the equipment and made it unuseful.

“We went to the base, took the internal and external perimeter under guard. Fixed stationary posts. Paired patrols exhibited. Now sappers are watching and walking through each building, are there any explosive substances left, and are there any surprises for us here, ”said the senior inspector of the military police of the RF Armed Forces.

The Russian military will reportedly use a former U.S. military base as a humanitarian center for the surrounding area.