Afghan mother claims that British special forces killed her two sons

Afghan mother claims that British special forces killed her two sons 1

New accusations against British Special Forces have been revealed in the newest BBC Panorama episode. As we have already reported, BBC Panorama show hosted some of the alleged victims or its relatives where they claimed that they or their beloved ones were wrongfully detained or killed.

In the episode which was aired last night, an Afghan family has claimed a British special forces soldier killed two young brothers as they drank tea. They claim that he allegedly killed them with shots to the head.

Sultan Mohammed and Sabbah said Fazel, 20, and Naik, 17, were killed during a raid on their village of Loy Bagh in 2012, with two other boys, 14 and 12, also being slain.

The BBC Panorama argued killings of civilians during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have been covered up by the state.

British operators may now be investigated for the first time over war crime allegations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the International Criminal Court (ICC) said yesterday.

Sabbah, the boys’ mother, told in the show: ‘They had shot the boys in the head. They had shot them from one side. They were placed next to each other and their brains had come out.’

Sultan, the boys’ older brother, added: ‘When I entered the room, the bones, the teeth, blood and brain were all over the place.’

It is alleged a SAS (Special Air Service) operator burst into the room in the remote village and shot the three boys and young man in the head at close range. The teacups they had been drinking from were filled with blood.

For this particular case, the British government at the time claimed that the two youngest victims were Taliban suspects, while the two brothers were suspected Taliban commanders.

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