While the guards knees crammed under the weight of members of BBE, who crawled under lower windows of the regional trains on the floor, right next to the rails, expected to take a position to attack. No noise, with a lot of effort, was coming up behind a column of soldiers equipped with a shield. When the position occupied by the door, the two specials nanišanili the surrounding windows automatic P90, others set explosives on the door, and then they all retreated behind a shield. There was a command, the explosives were activated and specialists have fallen on both floors of the wagon. The whole action lasted less than 90 seconds.

So the everyday members of BBE, one of the highest quality and best equiped unit of its kind in the world. The action is practiced until it becomes a routine, and execute operations automatically and instinctively. However, why train? The first red flag was the events in New York 2,001th and demolition of the towers of the World Trade Center. Another, even more important for Europeans and alarming attacks in Madrid in 2004. And London in 2005. Both were made in the trains: the first in the region and the other on the subway. It is assumed that only a matter of time, when the attack occurs …

Power and imagination BBE

The initiative for the creation of the Dutch anti-terrorism unit has launched the Munich massacre of 1972, which was the case with other countries. For the main unit is selected RNLMC (Royal Nederlans Marine Corps) or the Dutch Marine Corps, manning levels 3,000 and superior quality and proficiency. That’s partly tradition, as the Navy and Marines guarded the interests of the Dutch, representing over 17. century, world’s most powerful naval force. RNLMC command of Colonel, the band has four infantry battalions, one battalion of combat support, amphibious support battalion and battalion logistics. There are two special units RNLMC: 1 troop composed of a platoon SBS (Special Boat Service, similar to the famous British unit) and Mountain line, while the other gang – anti-terrorist unit BBE (Bijzondere Bijstands Eeinheid – units for special assistance). BBE was formed 22nd February 1973, and is based on the principles of speed, creativity and firepower. The first members of BBE were hardened Marines and a mix of people who were previously engaged as officers in visiting other specialists from allied countries. At the beginning of the arms was based on Colt revolvers and automatic Uzi. Today’s arsenal BBE much richer and based on the Belgian P90 automatic caliber 5.7 mm, which replaced the German HK MP5. MP5 models are still used mainly for training and practicing, until they expire resources. Assault rifles are the standard Canadian Diemaco C7A1, which is a mixture of solutions with the M16A1 and M16A2 rifles, pistols SIG-Sauer P-226 and in some cases, especially for combat at sea, Glock-17 and shotgun Mossberg Model 500 caliber 12th

Cooperation and exchange of knowledge BBE

BBE is stationed in Doorn, in the central Netherlands. This position ensures that relatively quickly arrive at any place. Major troop command, and the numbers are supposedly “over 100” people (of course, the exact number is kept secret). After 11 September 2001, requested an increase of three units water. BBE Manning is done on a voluntary basis, of the Marines who have gone two years with exemplary success. Selection of staff is based on the physical abilities, but in the foreground and psychological profile. The BBE says: “Anyone can learn to run and to climb the rope, but those who cannot think in the inventive combat-stress conditions, and that are functioning, it is very little. Such we need. ” Basic course BBE last eight months, after which the candidates undergo another year of specialized courses and training. Over 50% of candidates are rejected. One group BBE is open 24 h and it is expected that by providing emergency, they can arrive at a certain place for a maximum of 90 minutes. From the rest of the unit is expected to take the action for 6 h.

BBE is responsible for the execution antiteroritičkih projects in the country and around the world. The “job description” as the hostage crisis and the actions of terror in various places – from airplanes, buildings, trains, boats, until the oil platforms in the North Sea. BBE for training and working with SBS, the Antiterrorist and other operations, e.g. with demolition. Of particular significance is the close cooperation with American and British special forces SEAL and HRT (Hostage Rescue Team, a special unit of the FBI), SAS and SBS. All these units are sent to their members in the BBE and vice versa, which results in high-quality knowledge sharing, and organizes joint exercises. Also, it was, and cooperation with other units: ESI Belgian, French GIGN, German GSG-9, GEO Spanish, Polish GROM, GEK Cobra Austrian, Italian GIS, ARW Irish, Czech and Scandinavian URN units …

Skirmish on the train

BBE’s first action was on 26 October 1974, when the Palestinian and Dutch prisoners taken hostage members of the visiting choir in prison Ševeningen. The operation is more like a group fight, but the action specials: after infiltration shock grenades and demolished the doors of the cells, BBE members have stormed in and later share pugilism hijackers, pulled all the hostages. Regardless of the not-so-attractive “performance”, the action has made a success – ended with no dread. Although this action cannot be called a baptism of fire, as it is not firearms were used, the next opportunity was 23 May 1977th Then nine molučkih, well-armed terrorists, took the train Rotterdam – Groningen with 54 passengers. At the same time, four terrorists seized a school in Bovensmildeu, with 150 students and five teachers. Although negotiations were attempted, which in recent cases have been successful, but this time there was no agreement even after three weeks – the seed of the fact that children are free of disease. Finally, on 11 June, issued an order for the intervention of BBE. In Bovensmildeu the action flowed smoothly: the specialists are quick intervention and without bloodshed end the crisis.
The operation to free hostages from a train, it was different. To prove the seriousness of the intent, the terrorists killed the engine driver and threw his body. These were submitted to the police that the terrorists demanded to be naked, to make sure they are not armed. It is virtually impossible to determine the schedule of the terrorists and the hostages inside the car. Therefore, set the wagon on rails, where specialists are able to develop and rehearse tactics of attack, in which three weeks were quite sufficient. It was decided to use two supersonic fighter jet F-104, that low summer and break the sound barrier over the train caused breakage of glass and a shock to the terrorists, who subsequently offered less resistance and less threatened hostages. It goes without saying that it was required perfect coordination. While the planes moving toward the train, were members of BBE sneak … Action was running according to plan: the attack, the terrorists were shocked and in minutes the crisis is over. Six terrorists were killed, three were wounded and killed and two hostages. BBE two members were wounded.

Actions in the Balkans

BBE is engaged in numerous public and covert operations around the world, particularly in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. The actions are aimed at arresting war criminals, guerrillas and guiding coalition, protivustaničkih actions …

ROSU - intervention police from Kosovo
Grupo de Operações Especiais (GOE) Portugal doing tactical rope