Blackwater operator recounts experience while working in the Middle East

Blackwater operators rushing to board Chinook (Photo: XY)

Blackwater once upon a time was a most powerful private military company in the world. Adam Gonzales was an Army infantryman who served in a long-range surveillance detachment for a brief time in 2003 before deciding to look at other possibilities. One arose in the form of a security job with the then-relatively unknown contracting firm Blackwater.

His adventurous journey took him from the U.S. Army to a Blackwater training camp in North Carolina. There, the one-time Army grunt had to compete against members of the most elite warriors on the planet, including Naval Special Warfare Development Group, SEALs, Rangers and force recon Marines for a spot at Blackwater – and a $15,000 a month salary.

The job? Protecting U.S. ambassador Paul Bremer, America’s chief representative in Iraq and the man who decided to disband the Iraqi Army.