US President being shot in an Iranian propaganda video

US President being shot in an Iranian propaganda video 1

A disturbing video surfaced online which purportedly shows a sniper putting the US President in his sights. While the Iranian regime plans ‘severe revenge’ for the killing of General Soleimani, the social networks are flooded by the ‘mocked up’ video of the ‘assassination’ of US President Donald Trump.

Top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani was killed in an American drone strike ordered by the US President on Friday.

A gunman played by actor lines up a shot at US President Donald Trump in a disturbing video. The dramatic mocked-up assassination depicts a gunman firing shots at Trump seconds before he stares at the photo of Soleimani. After the shots were fired, President has been manhandled off a podium away from the gunfire.

Video uses real-life footage from when Trump was rushed off stage by the secret service during a Nevada rally on November 5, when authorities suspected someone in the crowd had a gun.

The clip was released by Iranian news agency Fars, according to the Mirror. The Fars is considered as a semi-official news agency of the Government of Iran, but which claims to be the country’s leading independent news agency. All of its content is free and released under a Creative Commons license.