Captured ISIS leader in Iraq was so heavy so he had to be put in back of truck

Shifa al-Nima, considered one of the biggest captures in recent months, was hauled from his Mosul bolthole by Iraqi security forces after he was discovered (Photo: Iraqi Media)

A big man was pulled from his hiding place in Iraq after elite Iraqi SWAT team members raided his hiding place in Mosul, Iraq on Thursday. A captured man was so heavy that he had to be loaded onto the back of a truck to be transported, Iraqi media outlets reported.

The man identified as Shifa al-Nima is considered as one of the biggest captures in recent months. In the highest peak of the Islamic State physical existence he dubbed the terror group’s Jabba the Hutt. He was a some sort of so-called religious leader who was responsible for issuing fatwas, or religious rulings, that led to the execution of scholars and clerics, and the bombing of a mosque.

As well as ordering executions, he is also accused of ordering the destruction of ancient cultural site, the tomb of the Prophet Jonah, along with other acts of cultural vandalism.

“He is considered one of the foremost leaders of ISIS and was responsible for issuing fatwas that led to the murder of scholars and clerics,” Iraqi police said.

Police action was coordinated by Nineveh police command in Mosul district in northern Iraq. ‘Mufti’ was arrested in the Mansur neighborhood in western Mosul, the so-called “right side” of the city due to it being on the right bank of the Tigris river, JPost reported.

Photos show the extremely large man was too large to fit in an ordinary police car and instead of that he had to be put in the back of a police vehicle, wedged between a mounted machine gun and the back of the lorry. He was carted off to prison.

After establishing the terrorist was too big to go in a police car, security forces loaded him onto the back of a truck (Photo: Iraqi Media)

The arrest of this ISIS “mufti” is considered as the another blow to ISIS supporters who thought they were “the good ones.” Despite the Islāmic State physically doesn’t exists, it still persist as the threat to the normal world.