Green Berets as the ultimate fighting force

Green Berets as the ultimate fighting force 1

Despite they are not considered as the Tier 1 unit, U.S. Army Special Forces a.k.a. Green Berets are among the ones who have the most experience. In this photo, Green Berets from the 1st Special Forces Group (1st SFG) perfect their maritime assault techniques.

The operational training of VBSS (Visit Board Search and Seizure) featured on this photo is held somewhere in the Pacific ocean. The 1st Special Forces Group operational area is settled in Asia. Each Special Forces Group is comprised of numerous Special Forces Operational Detachment Alphas (ODAs). In most cases, the SF company consists of six ODAs or “A-Teams”. Each ODA specializes in an infiltration skill or a particular mission-set (e.g. Military Freefall (HALO), combat diving, mountain warfare, maritime operations, etc.).

The ODA is the basic ground unit that gets deployed. Manned by 12 Green Berets, an ODA packs impressive cultural, combat, and intellectual power and it’s a force multiplier.

They are able to train and lead unconventional warfare (UW) forces, or a clandestine guerrilla force in an occupied nation.