My path to the most elite counter-terrorism unit

The French equivalent for the US Navy SEALs

Once upon a time, I had a dream, and that dream became true. From the childhood to the teenage days I always knew what I want to be, a member of elite counter-terrorism unit. A typical men’s story, like most of the kids, my parents also threatened me with police if they though I’m doing something wrong, but that was a long time ago. Today,

Today, I’m a member of elite police unit with SWAT prefix, which stands for Special Weapons and Tactics. For my personal reasons, I don’t want to reveal its name or the country or something which could give you a clue how to identified it. If you are able to do that, then probably I’m in trouble. That’s because it’s not the ordinary SWAT unit, but the country’s top counter-terrorism unit.

The very first step in my carrer was to take the exam and become an ordinary patrol officer. The path had led me through Police academy, and probably that was the best time of my career. A lot of fun, new friends, brotherhood. After Academy, my first duty was at the local police station. And in next few months, I have gone through all police jobs from street patrolling to the desk job. That station took three years of my life when I got a call to try myself in the elite country’s counter-terrorism unit. Every police officer in the country had the opportunity to try. My life was full of quests and training. I have a black belt in Shotokan Karate and in Japanese Jiu-Jutsu.

From the day I got the call, I have tried to prepare myself. I already had good fitness and strength base, so I have spent next 15-20 days preparing for the 7-day drill in the mountain camp. The first day, we went through the regular physical exam (situps, pushups, hangups, 100m run, 2 miles run, 200m swim, long jump…) and essay test, failing only one task means you’re done.

That was the only introduction, next day showed us why we are there. The hell begins… The instructors had free hands to do whatever they mean it is necessary to make a good selection. We had to run, to swim, to fight, to shoot, to take obstacle courses, in worst weather conditions (cold, rain, day, night) with only a few hours to sleep. The last two days we spent on marches, around 100 miles with full combat equipment – CCA. 25-30 kilograms.

The entry number was around 300 candidates. Only 16 of them successfully finished selection…