GHOST – high-capable boat for special operations

Ghost - the futuristic boat for special operations 2

GHOST is a boat which can provide access to littoral waters around the world. A squadron of ten stealth boats of this class, carrying torpedoes, missiles, or cannons could wreak havoc on any enemy forces. In fact, GHOST is a true street fighter, designed for high-speed attacks with a low radar signature and internal weapons bay which allows it to be almost undetected. With a reduced magnetic and pressure signature, a boat is less vulnerable to mines and torpedoes.

The GHOST itself¬†can be equipped with different weapons to attack land or sea-based targets. It also can be configured for mine search and submarine warfare as well as command and control missions. The GHOST’s base price is around $10 million.

Juliet Marine Systems, Inc boat GHOST - a boat for Special Operations
GHOST from Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. (Photo: Juliet Marine Systems)

The company behind this boat is Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. They are a leader in the innovative evolution of manned, unmanned, surface, and subsurface naval transport technology systems to solve the needs of the commercial, surface warfare, submarine warfare, and special operations communities. As maritime systems think tank, Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. is continually developing and identifying unique technology to meet specific mission capabilities suitable for high-demanding customers.

The company combines our exclusive technologies with proven systems level elements to create new solutions to existing needs. With a small, highly capable, innovative and motivated team, Juliet Marine Systems leverages the capacities of relevant institutions, businesses, and merchants to bring in their expertise and abilities while keeping the core staff lean and efficient.

Juliet Marine Systems Inc. is committed to the rapid development and deployment of technology systems that will enhance capabilities in areas including business maritime application; special operations support; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, (ISR); and force protection by needs.

Everyone who saw the GHOST, a full-scale “beast” in action, claims that it is “Apache of the sea”. The GHOST easily cuts through the sea at high speeds, powered by two submerged 2,000 horsepower turbine engines which¬†give him enough power to be unstoppable. The future is bright for this type of weapon. It’s sure that the GHOST could play a major role in future sea warfare.