Denmark SOF: Jaegerkorpset and Froemandskorpset

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The jaegerkorps was founded in 1961 with the british Special Air Service and the US Rangers as a model. In 1960 were danish army officers send to take courses at US Ranger school and with SAS in England. They were to get experience for the creation of a danish elite corps. At the start were there some difficullty about how to use the new force. They used the American model where the soldiers were used as commandos. This didn’t fit the danish Army, who meant is was a waste of the soldiers abillities. Instead they were primarily used as long range reconnaissance patrols, but they could still be used for special for combat roles such as sabotage and direct actions. The Jaegers is also part of the danish anti-terror force. They are to assist the danish police’s counter-terrorist unit Aktions-Styrken (Action Force) in case of terrorist attacks.

Until 1982 were there every year send soldiers to attend the US Rangerschool. They didn’t think they got enough out of the course, so the last two Jaegers were send to North Carolina 1982. Several Jaegers finsihed number one in there class at Rangerschool.
They danish army don’t have helicopters for larger troop insertions. So it’s very common to see British and German helicopters over Denmark working with the danish special forces. The Jaegerkorps work very close with the British SAS.

Stationed: Air Station Aalborg, Northern Jutland.
Weapons: MP-5SD, MP-53 (5.56mm version of the MP-5), H&K G41 rifle, H&K 13E machinegun, Neuhausen Pistol.
Picture: Jaegers being inserted on a counter-terrorist mission by a Royal Danish Air Force Cayuse helicopter.

Froemandskorpset (Frogman Corps)

The froemandskorps was created in 1957 under the Danish Navy’s diving School. Four officers were send to train with the US Navy SEALs and the Norwegian Froskemandskorps, and from their experience was the froemandskorps created. In 1970 was the unit split from the Diving school and made a unit under Navy Headquaters (SOK).

The units wartime insertion are places not accessable to navy ships such as coastlines, beaches, fjords and harbour installions. Their missions are typical shipboardings, special recconnaissance, sabotage on enemy naval installions and direct action combat missions. In peacetime the units typical asignments are assisting the danish police in search for missing persons, difficult diving operations and underwater demolition.

The Dansih frogmen saw action during Gulf War, where they were deployed on the Danish warships, which help opholding the embargo on Iraq. Their mission was to secure the ship while in habour and to board seized ships.

Stationed: Naval Station Kongsøre, Zealand.
Weapons: MP-5SD, MP-53 (5.56mm version of the MP-5), H&K G41 rifle, H&K 13E machinegun, Neuhausen Pistol, Remington Wingman model 870 shotgun, Smith & Wesson .38 Special.
Picture: Two divers from Froemandskorpset in a Klepper Kayak. The diver in the back is armed with H&K G41 assult rifle and the other is armed with a MP-5SD.

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