Semmerling LM-4: Defensive Weapon

Semmerling LM-4: A Defensive Weapon

Semmerling LM-4 is one of the most unusual pistols in existence, a pistol designed solely as a defensive weapon and using a unique mechanical action. It is also one of the strongest and probably the

Smith & Wesson Third Generation Auto Pistols

Smith & Wesson Third Generation Pistols

The Smith & Wesson’s third-generation series of pistols has completely replaced earlier models and has been designed with the assistance of many U.S. law enforcement agencies, who were encouraged to make suggestions and criticisms. Features

Sterling Mark II Auto pistol

Sterling Mark II: .380 Automatic Pistol

The Sterling Mark II Auto was introduced in 1980 as a successor of the Sterling Arms Model 400. It was chambered in .380 Auto. The .380 Auto, or 9 mm Short as it is known in

Thompson/Center Super 14 Contender

The Super 14 Contender is the most recognizable single-shot pistol produced by Thompson/Center Arms. The Thomspon/Centre single-shot pistol has been in existence since the late 1960s and has proved a very successful design. It has

Unique DES-69

Unique DES-69U Target Auto Pistol

Unique DES-69U is another specialized weapon, specially tailored to suit the requirements of the European Standard Pistol match, which is based on the U.S. National Match rules. The dimensions of the weapon and such parameters

Anschutz model 54 silhouette rifle with mounted scope

Anschutz Model 54 Silhouette Rifle

The Anschutz Model 54 Silhouette rimfire target rifle has been in production for years, but this is a specially developed modem intended to suit the growing sport of silhouette shooting in which metal silhouettes of

Calico M-900S Carbine is an assault rifle

Calico M-900S Carbine: A blast from the past

The Calico M-900S Carbine is part of a complete weapon system that contains pistols, submachine guns, and carbines, all of which operate upon the same principles. They are unusual weapons, principally because of their magazine